Training & development


The development of first aid skills is an unparalleled value, not only for individuals, but for families, workplaces, schools and communities. Above all, a first aid course will give you knowledge and understanding about what to do in an emergency situation and how to attend emergency medical conditions. Furthermore you will gain insights to identify potential threatening situations in your environment.

First aid in the workplace is a necessary provision for all companies large and small. For that reason the appointment of a medical training company to handle your first aid courses and requirements should not be taken lightly.

We can supply medical staff of the highest quality direct to your business premises or chosen venue. Our healthcare professionals, with a passion to pass on their vital experience and knowledge to others, form part of our everyday training.

Our first aid, medical and situation awareness training courses can greatly enhance the safety of your workplace environment, creating a more confident team with the understanding and knowledge to respond and react if required. Not forgetting the reduction in lost hours due to injuries.

We would like to invite you to learn first aid in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with experienced and fully qualified instructors.

Situation Awareness and Preparedness

We offer courses written because of the COVID 19 outbreak.

These provide training to ensure you are better prepared, and have the right mind set and are able to plan correctly, our training & knowledge will give you this.

Disasters strike unannounced and without warning but you will have the peace of mind knowing you have pre-prepared for these.

Schools and Colleges

With the return of pupils and staff to schools and colleges, there is an increased pressure for schools to provide testing to all who attend, twice weekly.

With this task in mind, we can provide a tried and tested cost effective solution.

Contact us for further information on how we can support you.